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%100 Bext Stake Campaign

Who is eligible for BEXT Stake Campaign

Users who are completed KYC2 level Identity verification and hold a valid Byte Exchange account are eligible to participate in the campaign 

Terms & Rules 

Reward rules for currently staked amounts

· Users will get %100 more reward tokens for six months for their current stakes.

· Users will get a % portion of BEXT rewards for their new stakes. These rewards will be added to the user’s stake account as a preference of 1 year to 3 years. The user shouldn’t have been unstaked in 1 month to be eligible for BEXT rewards. The amount that exceeds the unstaked amount will get BEXT rewards for new stakes.

· Mevcut Stake hesabına dahil olacak miktarlar 1yıl ve üzerinde ki opsiyonlarda ki miktarlarınızın toplamıdır. Kademelerinizden edineceğiniz destekleme ödülü miktarınız hesaplanırken 1 yıl ve üzerinde ki stake opsiyonlarında bulunan token adetleriniz dikkate alınarak hesaplanacaktır.

· Eligible stakes are the total amount of the stakes over one year and more. BEXT 

rewards will be calculated according to the total amount of staked BEXT tokens for one year and more.


Rewards rules for new stakes


  • Users will get %100 more reward tokens for six months for their current stakes. BEXT token rewards will be calculated according to the new stake amount and added to stake accounts for one year stake or more as the user’s preference


Stake Campaign Referral support 

Referrals of the users who participated in the Stake Campaign will share a % five extra BEXT rewards per referral. In case of the referral’s stake of a minimum of 5000 BEXT, Participants will earn %2.5 for the user and %2.5 for the referral BEXT reward in the campaign. These rewards will be added to the user’s stake account as a preference of 1 year to 3 years.


Extra Rewards options for Stake Campaign 

1-     50 Bytedex Memorial Coin is available for the first 50 users who are staked 50.000 BEXT within the campaign. Current Bytedex Memorial Coin owners are not eligible for this option.


Memorial Coin owners have VIP rights like joining VIP pre-sales of early-stage projects and IEOs for three years. Memorial Coin owners have privileges on Bytedex-related products like commission discounts and early access to campaigns. 







500 BEXT  -- 5.000 BEXT

% 4



5.001 BEXT – 25.000 BEXT




25.001 BEXT – 100.000 BEXT




100.001 BEXT – 1.000.000 BEXT




1.000.001 BEXT – 5.000.000 BEXT




Users can check possible BEXT rewards amounts on: https://bytedex.io/stake-calculator

Event Period:  

BEXT Stake Campaign start date: 04.10.2002 03.00 UTC

BEXT Stake Campaign start date: 24.10.2022 03.00 UTC

Bytedex will add earned BEXT rewards in 7 working days to the user’s accounts.

Important Reminders

In case of an unstake of the stakes before the ending period, Bytedex will take all rewards back, which will be distributed to stake pools. In addition, users who earned memorial coins can not use the advantages of coins, and a 10.000 BEXT penalty and memorial coin cost will be deducted from the staked amount of BEXT.

Your account would be blocked without prior notice in case of misuse of the campaign rules. Bytedex has the right to change the practices of the campaign or cancel the campaign. Users are responsible for checking rules frequently. Bytedex often announces changes through social media platforms. Please follow Bytedex social media accounts and join our Telegram and Discord groups.


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