How to participate BAGC Whitelist sale?

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1- In order to participate in BAGC WL (Whitelist), please register with your e-mail via Bytepad or Byte Exchange.

2- After completing your registration process, if you do not own USDT or BUSD in the Exchange Wallets section, transfer the amount required for Whitelist participation to your wallet by obtaining a USDT and BUSD wallet address.

3- By depositing fiat currencies such as TRY, USD, EUR to your Byte Exchange account, you can obtain USDT and BUSD with the USDT/TRY and BUSD/TRY trading pairs with the fiat currencies you deposit.

If you have a sufficient amount of USDT or BUSD, access the sales platform via Bytepad.

You log in to the BytePad platform by entering your e-mail and password information that you registered on Bytepad or Byte Exchange and confirming the instructions.

If your e-mail verification is active depending on the security verification you have logged in, you will receive a login code to your e-mail address, if you have SMS verification, you will receive a verification code as a text message, or if you have activated your verification process with the Google Authenticator application, enter the code generated periodically in your Google Authenticator application. You can proceed by entering whichever of these Login security verification systems you have activated.

Security code sequence If you only have an email record, enter your email code. Email codes are valid for 5 minutes. If you have activated SMS verification on Byte Exchange, enter only your incoming SMS code in this field. SMS codes are valid for 10 minutes. If you have activated the Google Authenticator application on Byte Exchange, use only the Google Authenticator code.

In the window screen that opens, you will see the ongoing projects in the OPEN IEOS section. You can also access them from the NFT WL tab in the top menu. Click on the project in this area and access the project details.

When you click on BAGC WL, you will see the project's sales information and details of the purchase screen. Click on BAGC WL for the purchase process. You can proceed to the purchase process by pressing the "Claim Token" button.

You can retrieve more than one WL (WhiteList) on this Window.  For this, you can use the buttons at the top for automatic operation.

Always enter the Payment Amount in 350 units on the window. You can select either BUSD or USDT in the TOKEN menu.

If you have a discount code from the reference owner in the section after making a selection, enter your reference code obtained from the reference owner in the REFERAL ID section and press the CALCULATE button, the Calculate button calculates the amount you will pay for pre-emption including discounts. If you have a BEXT TOKEN Stake, your BEXT TOKEN STAKE discount will be assigned to you first in the calculation. On the right side of the window you can see the balance you have, your USDT amount if you have selected USDT for payment or your available BUSD balance if you have selected BUSD. The BUY NOW button will take you to the buy trade screen.

In the NFT WL Window, under the SELL-USDT button you will see the amount you will pay for BAGC WL.

Under BUY-WHITELIST, you can see how many WHITELISTs you have purchased.

On the Wallet-1 button, you enter an ETHEREUM Wallet address that can receive NFTs.

If you have purchased more than one White List right. We need to enter a different NFT-capable ETHEREUM wallet address for each White List right.

We need to send our one-time password request by clicking the REQUEST OTP (One Time Password) button on the EMAIL VERIFICATION CODE button. We enter the code that comes to your e-mail address in the input section in the button field.

If SMS and/or GOOGLE AUTHENTICATOR CODE button on Byte Exchange, we enter the periodically generated code that you can use for BYTE EXCHANGE and BYTEDEX Ecosystem products in the Google Authenticator Application by getting the setup key in the Settings section on BYTE EXCHANGE.

And we press the SUBMIT button !!! Your transaction is complete!

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